MKE Week 17 – The Vision is Clearer

It’s week 17 in the MKE course and  What am I noticing this week?
I’m still noticing kindnesses. Last week was the program-wide focus on kindness. So cool! Everyone in the entire program was focused on kindness for the entire week. Everyone was noticing acts of kindness all around them. Looking for opportunities to be kind to others and looking for times other people perform random acts of kindness toward me and sharing them for ideas and inspiration. Noticing acts of kindness all around me motivates me to carry out more acts of kindness, and we’ve been witnessing the law of growth in action!
The trait I’m focusing on this week is discipline. Noticing when my grandkids are disciplined which somedays it’s a challenge for them. Recognizing when I decide to do something that will benefit my future self rather than just my right now self. I’ve decided to take on a 30-day challenge that will require the utmost in discipline! Weight-loss! Dispite losing more than 300 pounds over the past 8 years, it’s time to lose the final 30 pounds and it starts with this challenge.
Here’s another thing I’m noticing. My definite major purpose is being normalized! Woot Woot! The DMP is the vision I’ve been working on that reflects my deep desires and passions. It is what I want for my future. My ideal. It is my ideal minus anything that might be influenced by my friends, families, culture, society, what I think I should want, or what I believe we can have. It’s the ideal of what I want for my future with no limitations. As if limitations are not a thing!
I’m noticing a fundamental difference in how I hold my DMP or my vision, in my mind. While I was first crafting my DMP, it was somewhat distant. There was a leap, a gorge… a valley separating me from that ultimate vision. That is no longer the case. As I concentrate on being one with my ideal; as I let myself meld into my vision during my meditation, I become one with it. While I am in my meditation, for small blips of time, I am ONE with my future vision. Then, when I am out and about in my life, I notice that this vision is not as distant as it once was. I notice a strengthening of faith. My DMP no longer feels like an exciting dream in the far-off future, but something that simply… will be.
What’s the difference? Why was this a struggle at first for me and now I can see it will be?
A huge difference is the believability gap. There’s no longer a valley or even a gorge separating me from any other part of my future-self.
The gap has been bridged. The gap is now just a bit of time, covered by some steps on a bridge. The bridge has been formed by clarity, a strengthening of belief, and familiarity.
My DMP has been normalized! That’s pretty cool actually. In the beginning, my future vision felt like something in the distance that I maybe could make happen with a lot of hope. Now, with all my readings of my DMP, with seeing it in pictures around my house and in my pocket, with writing it in various forms, seeing it as a movie trailer, reading it as a press release, and seeing it as a sentence… and most recently… becoming one with it for blips of time during my meditations… it’s become clear and familiar.
It’s been normalized!
Remember those times you became aware of some new fashion that you thought was “Gawd Awful” and ridiculous and you swore you’d never wear it, and then you slowly kept seeing it more and more and more until it eventually didn’t seem ridiculous — just normal — and you realized you were wearing that same article of clothing or hairstyle?
That’s what I noticed this week. The vision is clearer and less distant. The believability gap has shortened.
Now, I just need to stay on that bridge, one step at a time.
When I get sideswiped by fear; when I dig my heels in with resistance, I will concentrate on my DMP.
To concentrate is to become one with it in my mind. When I become one with it, there is no gap.
It is something a simple solution.
I take another baby step toward my definite major purpose.

6 thoughts on “MKE Week 17 – The Vision is Clearer

  1. Jim, your blog was full of enthusiasm for the new things you are learning about your DMP. Congratulations on your new vision which is clearer and not distant. Also it is wonderful that you realize the importance of baby steps in your DMP process. Thanks for sharing your discoveries.


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